What Does BD Mean In Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a sport rich in jargon and abbreviations, and one such abbreviation you might come across is “BD.”

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the meaning and significance of “BD” in the world of horse racing.

Definition of BD

“BD” in horse racing stands for “Brought Down.” It is a term used to describe a specific event that can occur during a race involving a horse.

Understanding “Brought Down”

When a horse is “Brought Down,” it means that it has fallen1 during the race due to various reasons, often involving collisions or obstacles.

This can happen when a horse stumbles, is obstructed by other horses, or encounters a jump or obstacle it cannot clear.

Implications of BD

The implications of “BD” or “Brought Down” in horse racing are significant and include:

  • Termination of Race: When a horse is brought down, it usually results in the immediate termination of its participation in the race. This is done to ensure the safety of both the jockey and the horse. The race stewards and officials prioritise the well-being of all participants.
  • Effect on Betting: BD has a direct impact on betting outcomes. A horse that has been brought down is highly unlikely to win the race. Bettors who placed bets on that horse would typically lose their wagers unless specific rules or policies apply in exceptional cases.
  • Race Dynamics: BD can also affect the dynamics of the race itself. It may lead to changes in the positioning of other horses and influence the overall flow and outcome of the race.

Understanding the implications of BD is essential for both race enthusiasts and bettors, as it can significantly alter the course of a race and the associated betting outcomes.

Differentiating BD from Other Terms

It’s important to differentiate “BD” from terms like “Fell” or “Unseated Rider.”

“Fell” indicates a horse fell during the race without the involvement of another horse, while “Unseated Rider” means the jockey fell off the horse without the horse necessarily falling.


In horse racing, “BD” or “Brought Down” is a term used to describe a horse’s fall during a race, often due to collisions or obstacles.

Understanding BD is crucial for both race analysis and betting decisions, as it can significantly impact the race outcome.


What does the BD stand for in horse racing?

In horse racing, “BD” stands for “Brought Down.” It is a term used to describe a situation where a horse falls during a race, often due to collisions or obstacles, leading to the termination of its participation in that particular race for safety reasons.

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